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Engineering Report
Matteo Borri


Gasoline Stuck at 24% after tapping on it. If it still sits there on
my next EVA, I will assume it's low and begin power conservation
Propane 74%
Water well Filled
Water trailer Emptied until the pump stopped
Trailer garbage Full


EVA very successful. Of note, the drones and tiny rover worked (the
latter needs wider treads). we got excellent site survey pictures, and
the 3d printed part for the EVA pack worked better than its
store-bought counterpart on the other side. See EVA report for

Will have to match radios to earphones as some combinations don't
work, so I need to document which.

Participated in arts and crafts with Susan and Michal and started
making our paper mache space helmets projects.

Found mouse in EVA room, contained there, will try to catch tonight.

We're a little low on some spares, but otherwise things are going
well. Wish list for when the trailer is cycled: 5 amp automotive
fuses (standard size), LED lights for flashlights (can be gotten in
Hanksville). None of this is urgent/essential.

Addendum: I would like permission to use tomorrow's downtime to build
a "mini airlock" for rover/drone use. It would be placed in the tunnel
between the Hab and the Greenhouse, where there is already an opening
because the tunnel's coverings moved. (also, I would like to know if I
should suit up to close the hole! If not I'll just close it normally).

One of the drones was left outside to charge with the solar panel that
was built for it; we'll see if it survives the night and if it charges
(If it breaks, it's mine so nobody has to pay for it, don't worry).

See attached overly detailed 3D rendering file. Also, do you want the
STL file for the other things we 3d printed?