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Hydro Tank Temp F:
Hydro Tank Over Flow:
1 gallon
Plant Report:
Lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and wheatgrass are doing well.
Watering Activity Notes:
Potted lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and wheatgrass watered in AM and PM.
Made up a new batch of solution  with 8 gallons today.
Heater Activity Notes:
The third heater is broken and is being worked on by Crew Engineer, Matteo Borri
Fan Activity Notes:
No issues
Hydroponic Time:
Hydroponic Duration:
1.5 minutes
Hydroponic Kw H:
Led Lamp Time:
Led Lamp Duration:
15.5 hours
Led Lamp Kw H:
Maintenance Report:
Timers are now installed for two heaters and LED lamps.
Supplies Request:
Budget for possible heater replacement if engineer cannot fix heater.