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EVA report 1223 by Matteo Borri

IMPORTANT NOTE: All injuries in this report are simulated, do not
worry about us!

Packs on EVA: 1 and 4
Helmets: 1 and 4 (They have been rematched)
People: Susan, Matteo

Waypoints visited:

Engineering area
(simulated) injured astronaut site (hereafter WPI)

Timeline:       11:05   Left airlock                    Hab
                11:20   Engineering done                Engi yard
                11:30   Testing; UAV location of WPI    Hab
                11:40   ATVs depart                     Hab
                11:50   Triage begins                   WPI
                12:05   Triage ends; Medivac begins     WPI
                12:10   Medivac successful!             Hab
                12:20   Matteo exits to go help Susan   Hab
                11:41   ATVs are parked properly        Hab
                12:50   Return to Hab                   Hab
                12:54   Recompression complete          Hab

Report compiled by Julielynn (HabCom) and Matteo, and typed by Matteo

Coordinates of WPI are unavailable because the UAV is still
out there and we have yet to recover its local telemetry.

Matteo's note: We lost a UAV, which is a good trade for a crewmember
(that's what UAVs are for!). May attempt retrieval tomorrow. Medivac
went well, using a robotic stretcher is much easier than using an ATV

a manual stretcher like we did today. I had a hard time with helmet
fogging, and sweat got in my eye meaning I had to do the latter half
of the EVA one-eyed. Carrying Igor inside is generally doable by one

person if necessary in Earth gravity, it will be very much doable in
Mars gravity. Triage went overall well.

A "claw" I built was mounted on my spacesuit glove (right pinky
finger, inside) and tested. It makes fiddly work like releasing velcro
or opening ziplog bags easier and, crucially, it allows deploying duct

from rolls without using up any of its adhesive! I will generate a 3D
file and give them to Julielynn for printing. It does not get in the
way of other work. I'd like to call it a velociraptor claw since its

positioning is similar to that of the dinosaur's, and velociraptors
are awesome. Alternatively, we can call it a sicilian claw in
reference to an old Sicilian custom. Suggestions accepted!