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Science Report
Julielynn Wong

Printer type: 3D Systems Cube 2 fused deposition modeling printer
Printer material: ABS thermoplastic
Location: Green hab
Length of time: 23+ minutes
Power use:  6 solar panels and 2 batteries rigged by Crew Engineer Matteo Borri
Odors/Fumes: none observed
Other notes:
Green hab temperature was checked prior to starting the printer.
Solar panels had to be moved often.  It was not possible to use solar
panels by the green hab in the
afternoon due to shading.
The first print lasting 23 minutes was successful but subsequent
prints were aborted because of a
"temperature error" reading on the printer likely due to low battery power.
Solar panels cannot be used in high wind conditions.
Because the printer does not automatically shut itself off after
printing, you must observe the printing
process carefully to maximize printer use because of limited battery power.
It appears that this system can achieve one print (under 25 minutes in
duration) per day during the
winter solstice.