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Engineering Report
Matteo Borri


Diesel 20% (Yay, the gauge moved! Much less worried now!)
Propane 67.5
Water (Trailer) Full
Water (Well) 28cm
Trash Still empty, 1 bag out.


Confirmed both Green Hab timers work, so less work for the next crew.

Brief EVA to check levels and test the ballistic camera, which worked
(not too well). Retrieved drone.

Confirmed that heater #3 cannot be repaired on site safely, so aborted that.

Cycled and conditioned (using conditioning charger) power drill
batteries. I recommend replacing
them, though!

Tested mini-airlock, works well with antbot, will test mini-drone
tonight, will add chicken wire
tomorrow to make it look nice.

Restored 3d printer to original functionality.

Repaired radio #3, it was quiet because of salt(?) deposits in
parallel with the speaker.

Worked with Michal to develop procedure to severely delay helmet fogging.

Designed a 3d printable glove claw, will print tonight.

Note1: The gasoline tank is directly below the diesel tank. I did not
have time to engrave signs,
will do so out of sim as it's easier to get wood in and out.

Note2: Procedure for delaying helmet fogging, by Michal and Matteo:

* It may be useful to clean helmets right before an EVA, rather than
right after it.

* Using the side of your hand, apply 1tbsp of laundry detergent to the
inside of the helmet.

* Using a slightly wet sponge, clear the visor no more than twice,
stopping when suds are no longer visible. For resource conservation
purposes, this sponge can be shared with dishwashing unless it's too

* Allow the helmet to areate for 2-3 minutes. This can be done by
cleaning the helmet at the beginning of suiting up, and continuing the
suiting up while it areates.

* The smell will go away in seconds, but the benefits last for at
least 18min of walking and jogging, likely more.


In my scuba-diving practice I often encounter the problem of fogging
in the mask, which increases stress level as visibility goes down.
Usually fogging starts already in the airlock or even before. I
proposed to do simple diving maintenance by cleaning the mask with a
detergent (can also be a toothpaste). After that Matteo and I
pretended that we were on a spacewalk, and we did some work in the
tunnel as well we did marching and a few lapses of jogging for 15 min
in total. Matteo whose  helmet was always full of fog stayed clean and
mine had a bit of fogging but much less than usually.