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Eva Report
Michal Czapski
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The objectives of this EVA was to test pneumatic system to launch a portable camera, and to retrieve the lost drone.
It snowed this morning, so the landscape was very different from what we have seen every day. Matteo tested his pneumatic system to launch a portable camera in thin atmosphere environment (which occurs on Mars) and take aerial pictures. The rocket didn't fly hight (around 3-6 m above the ground) but it proved that the system worked and in thinner atmosphere and smaller gravitational field, the altitude should be higher. I

The second part of the EVA was about finding the missing drone. After finding the RMS from the EVA 6, Michal and Matteo climed the hill around it, and after 15 min of search, they succeeded in locating the drone, which was intact.
Michal and Matteo returned to the Hab with the finding.

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testing of pneumatic system
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