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Engineering Report
Matteo Borri


Diesel          18% (Good: the gauge moved. Bad: we're fairly low)
Water trailer   Full
Water well      32cm (will show pumping to incoming crew)
Trash           3 bags today due to general cleanup, still largely empty


Ended sim at noon :( This was very interesting!

Since 3rd heater was not fixable, I figured out how to go around it
and only repaired 1 of its 2 elements, which is amenable to the
too-sensitive trip switch, so instead of getting off/400W/800W you
just get off/400W/400W. 2.5 heaters better than 2. Repaired heater is
in the greenhab.

Showed off the 3d printed medical instruments that I designed, during
simulated surgery, as directed by Susan. Fun!

Started applying chicken wire to gap in tunnel.

Sorted out the engineering cabinets, including powerstrip optimization.

Since we were done with Igor the medical dummy, rebuilt pack 6. Still
would like to know what happened to pack 5... I finished my sim with
an empty repair list, hooray!

Went to town for supplies.

Helped paint downstairs.

Made spaghetti alla carbonara for dinner, which is why my report is
somewhat late.