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Engineering Report
Matteo Borri


Diesel 18~15%
Propane 65%
Water (trailer) Still very much full; bled some into the well because
the trailer had iced and was threatening to overflow, looks full, will
check actual level tomorrow when there's no ice in it
Water (well) 28
Water (upstairs) 45

Note: Pump to go from trailer to well seems to have blown a fuse, no
replacement here, recommend D.G. look at it. Built hand siphon to use
for now. They should be good for water ffor some time.


Tested hand pump as above.

Cleaned up.

Finished painting.

Applied chicken wire to various gaps in the tunnel netting.

Began packing.

Cooked for both crews with decent results.

Began showing Dmitry around. He's Russian so he's going to kick my ass
at this :)

Handover will be complete tomorrow as I would like to show the
engineering yard when there is sunlight.