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Journalist Report
Michal Czapski

Every adventure has its end. Crew 145 is ready to leave the Mars Desert Research Station, their home for the last two weeks. It feels weird to think that tomorrow we will sleep in a normal bed, have a hot shower for more than two minutes and eat fresh food. However, the crew is not in the packing mood at all. Instead, they cleaned and repainted the place as if it was their home. Even though it was a small crew, and the second, in the history of MDRS with only four members, they changed this place in a small way. No one today felt like giving up their duties. Matteo kept on putting fence above the mini-airlock. Julielynn happily transplanted plants for Crew 149. Michal did evening scouting to discover great water channels in the area, and despite he didn’t have any helmet on, he missed it a lot. Susan prepared the place for the commandership hand-over. Some of the crew climbed the hill to admire the sunset. This was one of those precious moments when they could forget about Mars and enjoy our beautiful planet Earth. This is what makes us human, that we can notice beauty around us. 
Welcome onboard, Crew 146 and enjoy your stay!