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Hello world! Today is the first day for Crew 146 at MDRS. Our team
consists of Commander Nick Orenstein, Crew Engineer Dmitry Smirnov,
Health and Safety Officer Helen Antoniades, and Artist-in-Residence
Elizabeth Shores. After staying overnight with team 145 and enjoying a
wonderful pasta dinner, we started early this morning by taking a tour
of the nearby rock formations. We then bid farewell to Crew 145 this
afternoon before settling in to our quarters. After lunch, we were
briefed by Nick who gave us the Commander’s Report, describing what we
will be doing for the next two weeks at MDRS. We then cleaned up the
HAB a little and started to inventory our supplies.  Afterwards, we
tested out the ATVs, and drove nearby to scout out possible future EVA
locations. After hiking to a nearby ridge to watch the sunset, we
returned to the HAB and presented the projects that we will be
completing during our stay here. Ending a great first day with dinner
and conversation.