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Commander Report
Romain Charles

After many unexpected delays, it's great to be reunited with the whole
crew. I arrived last night to the Hab for the first time and have been
learning from my team who arrived on Saturday.

Our day at MDRS can be split in two:
•       Morning - out of simulation
•       2:00pm- start of simulation

We spent the first half of the morning getting comfortable with the Hab
and also with our different chores.
Soon after, the crew egressed to fill the tank of the MDRS car in
Hanksville (using the MDRS account).
We used the opportunity of having the car to discover the surroundings of
the Hab. The muddy roads and the melting snow allowed our pilot, Danielle,
to improve her driving skills to an "all-terrain" level!
It was a good team bonding activity.

At 2:00pm, we officially started our crew rotation with a little ceremony
(picture available). While eating, we prepared our schedule for the
afternoon which started at 03:00pm.

Cleaning of the Hab + Pictures asked by Capcom on 11th Jan. 2015 - Wissam
& Romain
Our daily chore was to clean some areas of the Hab. We did a more thorough
cleaning (vacuum cleaning, sweeping, mopping, etc…) for better pictures.
We were asked to take 8 photos but a bit more are available. As we don't
have a fisheye lens we sometimes had to take a couple of them to show all
the area.

Experiments - rest of the crew
All the other members of Crew 147 were busy setting up their experiments.
Here is a quick breakdown of their main activities (More details in the
Science report):
•       Danielle & Andrew:  Working on the EVA planning tool software and
testing it.
•       Rebeca: Investigating MDRS Map and testing the quadcopter
•       Renee & Scott: Checking equipment status and inspecting observatory
functions in addition to planning upcoming transit observation targets in
the Musk observatory

Upcoming activities:
•       Sociomapping questionnaire for the whole crew after the capcom window
•       Filming a delayed video conference to send to the students at the
International Space University. They will film a response video with
questions about the research we are collaborating with them on.

Upcoming EVAs:
We are requesting approval of an EVA on Jan 13th 2015 Rebeca, Renee,
Wissam and Romain are planning an EVA in the morning. Rebeca will submit
the request. The goal is to get familiar with the quadcopter. I will also
review training videos of the different systems of the hab with Rebeca,
our crew engineer, for a better understanding as I couldn't attend the

Even if we couldn't see the sun shining over the red landscape, it was a
good day!