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Engineering Report
Rebeca Rodriguez


Diesel  75%
Propane  45% 
Static tank  25%

Filled up water tank on upper floor of the hab. (loft tank)

The trailer tank is empty and has been removed for refilling.

ATV’s 3 and 5 are not starting. A light in the shape of a droplet symbol is coming on ATV 3. Please advise on how to check the fuel level.

Water is very cold. The water heater was checked. The water is still not heating up. The temperature is set to 130deg F. Please advise. 


SIM started today. We began preparing for the quadcopter experiment by analyzing maps in HAL, calibrating compass on quadcopter, 
and testing reception between the controller and quadcopter. The rover team prepared for an upcoming EVA by verifying the 
compass worked and checking the route path synchronized between the server and Android application.