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Engineering Report
Rebeca Rodriguez

Diesel: ¾ 
Propane: 40%
Static tank: 15cm 
Trash: 4 bags awaiting pick up

Filled up loft tank in the morning. At 12:35pm we received a message from Mission Support stating the trailer tank had ruptured. We 
have now begun water conservation. We look forward to your updates. 

Supplemental engineering report-Water:
The report states for us to record Initial Potable Water Meter Reading (Gallons: xxxxx.xy). Which water tank is this referring to? Please 

Water temperature: 
The hot water has still not been attained. Please advise on additional procedures we can try. Initially, the water heater was not off. It 
was powered off and then back on after the mitigation strategy was proposed. The temperature was decreased from 130 to 110degF 
as requested. 

The backup Dometic toilet was inspected as a water mitigation strategy. Please advise on proper use and capacity. 

The RES knob mitigation strategy was put into action. We have confirmed ATV 3 and 5 are not working properly. ATV 3 powered on, 
but after 20 seconds shut down. The droplet light on ATV 3 did not turn on as it had done before. ATV 5 failed to start completely. 
The fuel tanks on both ATV’s were full. ATV 5 was covered with a black plastic bag and attached by pink ties to the ATV. We request 
to change this setup and cover with an extra mattress, as it is difficult with gloves to properly secure the ties after removing them. 
ATV’s 1-4 are already covered with a mattress. The oil level was checked, but the proper checking strategy was not known prior to 
the EVA. We will properly check on a future EVA and report back on the oil level.