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Commander report
Romain Charles

We were greeted this morning by an overwhelming sun which shined the whole
day. Our 3 crewmembers doing their planned EVA made the rest of us

EVA - Andrew (EVA Lead), Danielle, Scott
With the experience gained from yesterday's EVA, the morning preparation
went smoothly. To react efficiently to any kind of contingency, we added
to our existing procedures, a "hand sign" training. Now we can communicate
with our EVA team members without a word and, most importantly, we can
understand them if they use some specific gesture!
The EVA lasted from 10:30 to 13:00 and here are a few highlights:
• Engineering activity to review the status of our external systems
• Test of the EVA Planning Tool on foot
• Test of the EVA Planning Tool with ATV
The experiment led by Andrew and Danielle was reported to be highly
successful. Nevertheless we all participated in the debriefing of the EVA2
so we could identify some new actions for the future ones.
More details in Andrew's EVA report and Danielle's Science report.

Water contingency
We received notice from Mission control at 10:30 that a resupply mission
of the Static Tank will be done in the near future. However we don't have
yet a clear schedule for its resolution.
We'll monitor daily the level of this tank and communicate any new status.
In the meantime, our crew 147 is still following the "Water saving" scenario.

Data contingency
Yesterday, we finished with only 86Mb of data available for our
communications. The counter went back to 500Mb in the morning and, after
the EVA, we confirmed our first assessment: The astronomy computer had
windows update still active. The problem is solved.

Crew Biography
We cleared some time this afternoon between our difference scientific
activities for a photo session. We'll be tranferring tonight our crew
pictures for the MDRS website.

Upcoming EVAs
We're requesting approval of an EVA on Jan 15th 2015. Wissam (EVA Lead),
Rebeca, Scott & Romain are planning an EVA for quadcopter experiment to
identify low and medium risk terrain.

Tonight we have a clear sky and our two astronomers disappeared in the
observatory. It's strange to have additional space in the hab… we feel at