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Engineering Report
Rebeca Rodriguez

Diesel: ¾
Propane: 40%
Static tank: Less than 10cm
Trash: 5 bags awaiting pick up

Filled up loft tank in the morning. We have continued water conservation. We are awaiting your updates.

Water temperature:
The hot water has still not been attained. Two proposed checks will be performed once the water supply ship arrives.  Check 1:
Proposed on 1/13/2015. The plan involves us running the hot water while looking at the heater display and seeing if a fan and
showerhead icon appear. Check 2: Proposed 1/14/2015 Verify outlet temperature increases to be equal to or near the setpoint when
water is running.

During our EVA today, the oil of ATV 3 and 5 were checked. Both were nominal with the oil being filled to the maximum level line.

On an engineering excursion ATV’s 1-5 were thoroughly examined. The Yahama Griz450 ATV manual from HAL was used to develop
an ATV Check procedure. ATV 1,2, and 4 started smoothly.

ATV 3 started, but it immediately shut down as soon as the throttle was released. In order to avoid this scenario, the throttle was
closed and immediately the gear was shifted to reverse. The same was done to shift the gear to drive. Three warm up laps brought
the ATV to a more stable condition.

We were not able to start ATV 5. A check was done with the fuel cock lever in the ON and RES position. However, this brought about
no changes and ATV 5 is still not functioning.

Do you have additional mitigation strategies for us to try? We are looking forward to seeing ATV 5 up and running. Is the ATV 5
manual available? The make is Honda. The manual on HAL (Yahama Griz450 ATV) matches the design of ATV 1,2, and 4.

Radio and Headset:
A thorough check was done on the radio and headsets after repeating issues with communication during EVA’s. Manual and
automatic modes were tested on each radio. The communication quality was tested with a sender without a headset and a receiver
with a headset. They were also tested with headsets for both sender and receiver. In conclusion, three of the headset microphones
were found to be defective and not functioning.