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Eva Report
Wissam Rammo

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The objective of today EVA was to take pictures of three locations: Brain Rock Formation (coordinate: 518476, 4250734) and Petrified Stump (coordinate: 518733, 4250721) and Probable Site of Petrified Tree (coordinate: 519425, 4250501) and to compare them with our low, medium and high risk terrain criteria.
Our EVA preparations start at 09:30am. Romain and Scott entered the airlock at 10:12am. After the depressurizing the airlock, the two crew members start the engineering work.  Following this task, the crew checked the water levels in the static tank, and reported this back to the habcom. After checking the water levels, the EVA crew walked to the diesel and propane tanks and checked these also. The levels will be included in the engineer’s report.  Wissam and Rebeca entered the airlock at 10:24 and they have joined the EVA crew members for the science tasks. The crew arrived at the Brain Rock Formation at 10:33 and we started with flying the quadcopter to take images of this area. At 11:03 we moved to the second location and we also to take imagery of the location. In both cases we were successfully able of taking images, but we have noted that the batteries for the quadcopter haven’t a long operation time.  This is a big problem for our experiment and we have to find a way how we can take images effectively in the future.  We had a big problem with helmet fog even though we have cleaned the helmet and used anti fog spray before departure.  Furthermore, EVA leader Wissam Rammo experience issues with communicating with habcom and crew.  Yesterday, we have agreed on hand signals just in case we lose radio communication and it did show to be very helpful to communicate with the crew and to understand each other.
The crew went back to the hab at 11:30pm, and the crew engineer Rebeca checked oil on ATV 5 and ATV 3 and shared the information with the habcom crew. At 11:39 we reentered the airlock and joined our remaining team members.
To sum up:
-       For the quadcopter experiment we need to be more effective in taking the pictures
-       We had a visual problem because of helmet fog
-       Radio communication is still not reliable

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