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Engineering Report
Rebeca Rodriguez

Diesel: less than ¾
Propane: 39%
Static tank: Less than 10 cm
Trash: 5 bags awaiting pick up

Filled up loft tank in the morning. We have continued water conservation. We are awaiting your updates.

Water temperature:
The hot water has still not been attained. Two proposed checks will be performed once the water supply ship arrives.  Check 1:
Proposed on 1/13/2015. The plan involves us running the hot water while looking at the heater display and seeing if a fan and
showerhead icon appear. Check 2: Proposed 1/14/2015 Verify outlet temperature increases to be equal to or near the setpoint when
water is running.

During today’s EVA the make and model of ATV 5 were investigated. ATV 5 is a Honda Recon ES.  Do you have additional mitigation
strategies for us to try? We are looking forward to seeing ATV 5 up and running.