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Commander report
Romain Charles

Our day began with a healthy breakfast and great conversations about
Space. However, every now and then we were all glancing at the loft tank
to see our water situation. Not much we could do before our EVA so we
focused on our tasks.

EVA - Renee (EVA Lead), Rebeca, Scott, Romain
Our outreach EVA started around 10h20 and finished at 13h20. It was our
longest EVA so far and here are some of its highlights:
• Many pictures & videos of the Quarry area
• Quadcopter contingency
• Engineering activities

Water Contingency
At 13:15, DG arrived at MDRS with his own water tank on the trailer. He
was welcomed by the whole crew (inside the Hab for Danielle, Wissam &
Andrew and upon arrival from the EVA for the others).
By the time he was finished, the loft tank & the static tank were full. He
also took away one week's worth of garbage by trailer.

The end of this contingency was a relief for our crew. We now have enough
water for a normal usage until the end of our crew rotation.

Saturday Space Cleaning
We've been living in the MDRS for one week now and, like in the ISS, it
was time to make a thorough cleaning of the Hab. We split the chores
between all the crew members:
• Ground floor - Andrew, Scott & Rebeca
• 1st floor - Danielle, Renee & Romain
• Loft - Wissam.
After 1h30 of intensive cleaning, we all agreed that it finally felt like
"home"- or at least a little more like a place we could call home for one
week more.

Engineering EVA
When DG left MDRS, we assumed that the static tank was full but we didn't
take note of it. For this reason our crew engineer, Rebeca, did a quick
Engineering EVA to verify that it had been refilled.

Upcoming EVAs
We have no planned EVAs for this Sunday.

We have water. The Hab is cleaned. Tomorrow we can rest. Team ISU is
enjoying a Saturday night movie and game night! Tonight's selection: The
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.