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Journalist Report


Andrew Henry

Water! We have water! We solved the water problem with an ingenious solution. Taking some hydrazine from the Mars ascent vehicle and using iridium as a catalyst, we introduced some carbon dioxide and burned the resulting hydrogen in the habitat which produced gaseous water. This was condensed by the hab’s life support system into a reservoir which – no just kidding, some water was delivered on a trailer. Thanks, DG! We were literally minutes from breaking sim and driving into town to pick some up. He also took away our trash which was good, so the “trashlock” has become an airlock again.

The arrival of the water coincided with the end of another ATV EVA. The purpose of this EVA was to take some awesome quadcopter footage of the incredible local terrain. It is hoped that this footage can be used for outreach purposes. We would also like to take some aerial footage of the hab. Unfortunately we did experience a Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly of the quadcopter in flight, which cut short the filming exercise. Hopefully the quadcopter can be repaired for another flight.

This afternoon we did a thorough clean of the hab. When it’s wet here, mud gets everywhere, and when it’s dry dust gets everywhere, so you can’t win really. Anyway, we now have a lovely clean habitat in which to live for our second week. 

Speaking of which, we have been at the hab for one week now, and in a week’s time we will end our simulation and welcome the next crew to MDRS! It’s been a busy and eventful week. I’ve had a great time here so far, and I’m so glad that I’m on the crew that I am. Our crew works incredibly well together, even under the somewhat difficult circumstances we have experienced. Which reminds me, we had success in catching our little murine friend last night. Sorry Marvin, I hope you’ve gone to a better place.

Tomorrow is a rest day. We will do no science. Ok, we might do a bit of science, but we will sleep in, and try and relax a little more than we usually do. 

À bientôt!