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Commander report
Romain Charles

Today is Sunday and we took it easy in the MDRS. No alarm clock this
morning, a nice pizza lunch and a lot of sport for all the crew members:
it was a good day!
As a consequence, this report will be short.

Water Situation
The quantity of water which is available to us is now sufficient for the
rest of our crew rotation. However we experience since yesterday a
technical issue which prevents us from using any tap for long periods of
time. We found an organization which allows us to live & work correctly
despite the lack of water for 5, 10 or 20min. However, water is vital and,
if any emergency arises, we may need an immediate source of water. Rebeca
will go deeper in this technical problem on her Engineering report.
Please advise.

Engineering EVA
With no planned EVA to perform our Engineering activities, Rebeca did an
Engineering EVA to check all the systems.

Upcoming EVAs
We are sending a request for approval of an EVA on Jan 19th 2015. Rebeca
(EVA Lead), Danielle, Renee and Wissam are planning an EVA for the
quadcopter experiment to identify low, medium and high risk terrain.

We have only 5 full days left for our crew rotation and our team is ready
to tackle all the challenges ahead of us. Given the opportunity, the
majority of this team would return to MDRS for a second rotation or
command a new crew of their own.