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Engineering Report
Rebeca Rodriguez

Diesel: less than ¾
Propane: 36%
Static tank: 13 cm from the top

Filled up loft tank in the afternoon. The water pump started behaving differently yesterday afternoon. Before, when a faucet was
opened or the toilet flushed, the water pump turned on and emitted a loud noise. This noise lasted a couple of seconds to 30
seconds maximum. Since yesterday afternoon, when a faucet is opened or the toilet is flushed, the water pump turns on and emits a
loud noise that lasts anything from one minute to half an hour. During this time water does not come out of the faucet. Therefore, if
someone flushes the bathroom, we cannot get water from any faucet for another 15 minutes. Two changes were made yesterday
including the refilling of the static tank and a change in generator. During his visit, DG mentioned he switched to the backup
generator because of maintenance to replace a part. Is this lack in water pressure due to the backup generator?  If it is, can we go
ahead and switch back to the main generator?

Water temperature:
DG has proposed for the water heater to be replaced.

The proposed check on ATV 5 will be performed on an upcoming EVA.