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Commander report
Romain Charles

This Monday may stay for our crew 147 as "The EVA day"!

EVA - Rebeca (EVA Lead), Renee, Danielle, Wissam
Today's EVA followed the organization in place and all the planning,
preparation and communications were flawless. Unfortunately, several ATV
issues forbade Renee to continue the work and the whole EVA Team had to
come back to the Hab. The remaining 3 crewmembers then continued the
terrain mapping experiment.

This EVA started at 10:15 and finished at 14:15. The main highlights were:
• Engineering activities
• Successful testing of the quadcopter
• Terrain mapping for 7 locations.
Our 3 explorators came back for a well deserved Taco's lunch.

Water situtaion
We're still investigating the reason for the water flow to be so low.
Rebeca will send some photos tonight along with her Engineering report.

Engineering EVA
Following the ATV problems encountered during the day, Rebeca did an
Engineering EVA to check all of them. ATV 1,2,3 & 4 are back to normal.
ATV 5 is still not operational even though we found traces of DG's visit-
two small fuel tanks delivered outside by the ATVs.

Upcoming EVA
We are sending a request for approval of an EVA on Jan 20th 2015. Andrew
(EVA Lead), Danielle, Rebeca and Wissam are planning an EVA to test the
EVA Planning Tool and also to continue the terrain mapping experiment.

Re-reading my report, I feel like this day should be called "Rebeca's day"
instead of EVA. Our crew engineer is everywhere and she does a great job!