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Engineering Report
Rebeca Rodriguez

Diesel: 60%
Propane: 35%
Static tank: 20 cm from the top

The loft tank was filled in the afternoon.

Continuing the discussion from last night:

1. Can you verify the valve from the loft tank to the pump is full open?
Yes, it is fully open.
2. Can you take pictures of the pump, the pump electrical, the pipes running to and from the pump.
Photos can be found at: https://app.box.com/s/thgx4byu5rhtt1j1jqvg1pf915ejpds6

The pump housing was inspected for cracks and none were found.

Water temperature:
Proposed tests will commence once the pump is back to normal operation.

Gasoline: Two tanks of gasoline were delivered to the hab. What is the recommended storing procedure?

We had trouble starting ATV 2 during today’s EVA. This issue was resolved by switching the fuel cock to the RES position. During the
engineering EVA, ATV 2 was tested. At that time, the fuel cock was switched to the ON position. All systems were back to nominal.
The fuel level was checked on all ATV’s. ATV 2 had the lowest level of fuel. An orange cylinder with white vertical bars was
protruding. This cylinder was covered in the other ATV’s. The ATV’s will be refueled during tomorrow’s EVA.