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Commander report
Romain Charles

Once again today was a beautiful day for our EVA. We could discover a new
side of the MDRS by walking along the hill behind the Hab. It's also our
last day in the simulation and we're getting ready to welcome the new

EVA - Andrew (EVA Leader), Renee, Danielle, Scott, Romain
For the first time we had 5 crew members doing an EVA together. Everything
went well and our EVA was nominal.
The EVA team left the Hab at 09:45 and came back at 11:45. The main
highlights were:
• Engineering activities
• Successful use of the Phoenix rover
• Successful outreach activities around the Hab.

Crew 148 Handover
Tomorrow we'll be welcoming the crew 148 at MDRS and we're all looking
forward to meeting them.
However, a lot of questions are still unanswered and I would like to get
an answer tonight. This would allow me to give a good report to the next
commander, Lucie Poulet.

Broken trailer tank
What is the status of the trailer tank? If it's not back at the MDRS
tomorrow, what is the organization that you want to implement for the Crew
148? Filling up the Static tank every week?

Toilet Paper shortage
A new crew is arriving and we didn't get any toilet paper resupply. Will
it be provided to Crew 148 with their food?

Cleaning supplies
We didn't get any answer regarding the cleaning supplies necessary to keep
the Hab clean. Are these supplies supposed to be delivered by the Mars
Society (like the food)? If each crew needs to bring cleaning supplies,
they should be notified before arriving at MDRS. What is the status?

ATV fuel
Our crew engineering already notified that the ATVs were empty and that we
needed a resupply. We didn't get any additional fuel and the moisture is
slowly building up in the tanks. What it the status?

Even if I have a lot of questions tonight, the ambiance inside the Hab is
still good. We all believe that we had a good rotation and we'll make sure
to give a good feedback on the Mission Summary report.