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Astronomy Report
Louise Lindblad
Sky Conditions:
Wind Conditions:
Observation Start Time:
Observation End Time:
Yesterdays observations:

The two main goals for the observations (25/1 ) were:

1) Observing and timing occultations and transits of Jupiter's moons.
2) Trying astrophotography with smartphone adapter.

The occultations and transits could not be properly timed due to a longer than expected time to set up the telescope. However, all moons of Jupiter could be observed and the shadow of Ganymede on Jupiter could be seen. 

Some photographs were taken using the smartphone adapter, although they turned out slightly blurry because of dirt on the moon filter and a loose piece on the telescope. Photos of the Moon and Jupiter were taken.

Plan for evening 26/1:

I will clean the moon filter and I will try to find a solution for the loose back piece (awaiting instructions from Peter). I will go to the observatory and do some observations to further practice photography with the smartphone adapter. Possible objects to observe/photograph:

- The Moon
- Jupiter
- Comet Lovejoy

Objects Viewed:
- Jupiter and it's moons Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.
- The Moon.

Problems Encountered:
- Loose visual back piece on telescope. Peter has been contacted regrading this problem.
- Moon filter dirty. Peter has been contacted and the moon filter will be cleaned.