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Journalist Report


Florence Porcel

Crew 147 left early this morning, so we woke up with us and say goodbye. I could make a video of their departure.

I wrote my article for the newspaper "L'Union" because I have to send it every morning to France before noon - it is kind of a diary of

our mission.

I began to prepare the first blog post but I have not finished it yet (translating it in English takes me time). I want to put it online every day before noon during the mission.

Then we had breakfast and a meeting to organize the day. I went for a walk because we were not in sim this morning (we were

waiting for Shannon's briefing) and I made videos and pictures of the desert and the hab for future videos, blog posts or


We had lunch after Shannon's briefing and then I could make pictures : pictures of the crew in front of the hab with suits without

helmets, then with suits and helmets, and I also took a picture of the group in front of the hills. I also took two pictures of each

individuals (one with the suit, and anothor one holding a helmet). We now have great pictures to share. Then we had the simulation briefing and I recorded it because it is an important step in the mission.