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Engineering Report
Duarte Sousa

Diesel – around 50% (still slightly above 1/2)

Propane – 26%

Gasoline –  65% (of 2x 5 Gal refill cans) 

Water (trailer) – full (just arrived today)

Water (static) – 35 cm from top

Trailer to Static Pump used - no

Water (loft) – 30 gallons

Static to Loft Pump used - no

ATV's used 1, 3, 4, 5 
Fuel Used Gals: aprox 1,5 Gals
Hours Used Day: 30min
Notes And Comments: 
ATV #1 some difficulties in changing gear from neutral (grinding sound). Solved by rocking back and forth the ATV.  
ATV #5 doesn't stay ON when on neutral, some mechanical tuning seems to be needed. It works very well though when moving.

Summary of Engineering activities: No particular activities were performed apart from the engineering tour.

Questions and Concerns to Mission Support: None

As requested, the radio models we have are MIDLAND X-TRA TALK GXT860.

Regarding the ATV's, the information you have is not correct. We have 4 Yamaha (3x Griz350, the other one I will confirm the model tomorrow) and 1 Honda (I will confirm the model tomorrow).  

Best regards,