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Eva Report
Duarte Sousa
Eva Number:
Eva Date:
Time Slot:
1) Engineering check
2) Complete 2 to 4 data runs of "EVA communication study"
EVA #4
Title: Experiment runs and engineering check

EVA Participants:
1) Duarte (EVA Commander) 
2) Lucie 
3) Louise
4) Tiffany 

EVA start time: 1317
EVA finish time: 1632
Total time:  195 minutes
This EVA had four crew members and was approximately 8km total. 
The crew proceeded to location 161 on the ATV's (#1, 3, 4, 5). On the site, a the most interesting locations were selected to run the experiment "EVA communication study". 2 runs were accomplished, first Lucie and Duarte with Tiffany and Louise as observers and then the roles inverted. No more runs were possible to accomplish today due to the unavailability of sand sample containers for 2 more runs. The crew returned back to the habitat topped off the ATV tanks and applied rain protections. The static water tank was then filled and the engineering completed.

1317 Enter Airlock
1322 Airlock open
1336 Leaving hab for 161
1345 Arrive 161
1410 Started experiment
1540 Began return trip
1544 Stop to re-attack gear which was getting loose
1600 Reached Hab
1618 Refuelling ATV/Engineering check
1627 Airlock sealed
1632 EVA end airlock re-pressurized 

1) Lucie dropped ear piece in beginning of experiment runs
2) 2 experiment runs could not be accomplished
3) Gear was getting loose on the ATV during the way back the way back

Additional Notes: