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Science Report
Nuno Loureiro

A bit less Science today, but still AWESOME!

Dry run of the "Base Emergency Scenario procedure Testing (BESpT), Fire Drill this time. Main comments:

1) Everyone was much calmer than yesterday. We all followed the defined roles as expected.
2) We had a level 1 fire, meaning than if in 20 minutes we had not located the fire, we would have to evacuate the hab.
3) We ended up taking only 8'50'' so this was a successful simulation.
4) One intersting point to notice is that some non-native english crew members found themselves lacking english words. A 
situation that could easily be found in a real emergency situation.
5) The protocol was again updated with comments from the crew members that participated as well as the person that was 
monitoring the drill. The role of each of the crew members was updated in detail, adding some steps that we thought were 
important and could help in decreasing the fire mitigation time.

Today's EVA had as objective to run the second day of the "EVA Communicaitons Experiment". EVA crew members were 
Tiffany, Duarte, Louise and Lucie. They were all subjects in the experiment, being divided again into teams of two. Lucie and 
Duarte ran the task first while Louise and Tiffany were monitoring and reporting their performance. The teams then switched 
roles. Subjects reported that the experiment was easier and faster to accomplish and Tiffany was happy with the results.
The whole experiment took around 1,5h. Initially the idea was to run the experiment 4 times with different teams but the 
limited number of boxes to collect the sand/rock samples were only sufficient to run the experiment twice. This put an end to 
today's experiment after which the 4 crew members came back to the hab.

The data from PED pre-pilot study was analised but it is still very early to draw any conclusion. Stay put for further data