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Commander Report
Lucie Poulet

1 – Emergency fire evacuation
2 – Cyanobacteria experiment
3 – Dust study experiment
4 – EVA of the day: engineering check
5 – Cleaning of lamp covers
6 – Internet problems
7 – Other  

Rainy day! We had to readjust our schedule today to adapt to the uncooperative weather on Mars. 
Nuno's experiment could not be done because of the mud, it would have been too imprecise and 
dangerous on top of it. So instead, we cleaned up, did some science experiment and went on a 
shorter EVA.

1 – Emergency fire evacuation
We started the day with defining roles for the upcoming fire simulation. This happened at 9:50 
and the fire could not be stopped so we had to evacuate. We all managed to be in the airlock at 
7min15s and reached the MAV after 17min20s. Once again, the whole team did an incredible job 
and the feedback afterwards was very constructive.

2 – Cyanobacteria experiment
Our crew engineer Duarte and myself planted the radish seeds in the cyanobacteria tray and 
control tray. We watered them and they are now next to the window upstairs, so that they don't 
suffer from the cold.

3 – Dust study experiment
Our executive officer Tiffany and our crew scientist Nuno started the baseline for the dust 
study conducted by Tiffany.

4 – EVA of the day: engineering check 
At 16:30, three of the four initial crew planned for the EVA went on an engineering check EVA. 
Since they had some time left, they went around the hab to find new areas for Nuno's and Tiff's 

5 – Cleaning of lamp covers 
With this schedule rearrangement, we had some time in front of us and decided to clean the lamp 
covers of the living area, which were filthy. We removed all the dead bugs and dust which had 
accumulated there and they are now like new! (cf. Pics of the day)

6 – Internet problems
Our internet has showed unidentified drops since Wednesday. All of our phones and tablets are 
in flight mode and we are loosing data even when our computers are offline. We are trying to 
identify where this drops comes from but so far it has not been very successful. So if you have 
any ideas, please let us know!

7 – Other
I forgot to mention that last night we woke up with “Californication” of the Red Hot Chili 
Peppers, choice of Louise and today with “Know how” Kings of Convenience, choice of Duarte. 
In the afternoon, Louise made some cinamon rolls, which are delicious, and Duarte a very good 
On the initiative of Nuno, we had a meditation session at 17:30 with the software “Headspace”. 
We are now all super relaxed and will probably do some board games tonight.