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Eva Report
Duarte Sousa
Eva Number:
Eva Date:
Time Slot:
1) Engineering check
2) Garbage outside
2) Find locations for PED experiment around the hab
EVA #5
Title: Engineering check and location search for PED experiment 

EVA Participants:
1) Duarte (EVA Commander) 
2) Nuno 
3) Tiffany 

CAPCOM:  Lucie
EVA start time: 1633
EVA finish time: 1735
Total time:  62 minutes

The main objective of this EVA was to perform the engineering check. However the team decided to take advantage and search for location around the hab that could be suitable for PED experiment. This EVA had 3 crew members and no ATV was used.
The crew started by performing the engineering check. The crew forgot to place the garbage in the airlock and therefore the the Hab Com had to re-pressurize the airlock, place the garbage in and de-pressurize again. The crew proceeded for a search for locations suitable for the PED experiment, in a walking distance, around waypoint 166 and 167. The crew did not find any suitable locations.
The crew returned to the hab, disposed of the garbage and finished the EVA.

1633 Enter Airlock
1638 Airlock open
1642 Engineering check completed, starting of walking exploration
1645 Garbage in airlock
1650 Garbage available to be collected 
1722 Began return trip
1730 Nuno's pack battery empty
1732 Garbage disposal
1735 Crew in the airlock

1) Tiffany dropped radio. No damage occurred from that
2) Nuno's pack stopped ventilating, due to battery empty

Additional Notes: