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Astronomy Report
Louise Lindblad
Sky Conditions:
Partly Cloudy
Wind Conditions:
Observation Start Time:
Observation End Time:


Yesterday I did 2 observation sessions, from 20:00-20:45 and from
22:30-23:45. The objective was to observe the transits and
occultations of the moons of Jupiter. Two events were observed and

- Transit egress of Io at 20:20:35.
- Occultation reapperance of Europa at 23:36:04.

The shadow egress of Io was a planned observation, but the shadow
could not be seen because of clouds passing in front of Jupiter.

Furthermore, the Moon (almost full) was observed and photographed and
the Pleiades could be seen from the telescope.

The plan for tonight (in case of clear skies) is to realign the
telescope since it is currently not well aligned and make some
observations of Jupiter and the Moon. No specific events of Jupiters
moons can be observed tonight.

Objects Viewed:

- Jupiter, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto.
- The Moon.
- The Pleiades.

Problems Encountered: