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Engineering Report
Duarte Sousa

Diesel – 49% 

Propane – 21%

Gasoline –  50% (of 2x 5 Gal refill cans) 

Water (trailer) – 80cm from the top

Water (static) – 10cm from the top

Trailer to Static Pump used - yes

Water (loft) – 37

Static to Loft Pump used - yes

ATV's used: none

Summary of Engineering activities: 
Engineering check. Static tank refilled.

Questions and Concerns to Mission Support: 

Today during the engineering check we tried once again to refill the static tank from the trailer tank using the portable pump. It didn't work again as yesterday.

We aborted the operation and returned to the hab. After further investigation we noticed that one complete electric branch in the lab was not working (the one around the lab workbench), which is the same branch of the plug to which the extension outside is connected.

We exchanged the extension cable to another plug which was working and went again on EVA. The pump worked and the tank was refilled. 

Later inside the hab, upon further investigating the cause of the non-working branch, we saw that the branch has a reset button. We reseted and it became functional again.

Right now everything is OK. However we suspect that the cause of this problem is that the extensions outside got wet with the rain of the weekend which caused the switch to flip. 

The conclusion is that the extension cords outside are not suitable to be used wet. A mitigation plan must be put into practice because there is no rain protection on those connections outside.

Best regards,
Duarte Sousa