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Journalist Report
Florence Porcel

I spent the morning ending the video editing of our first week on Mars. I am so happy with the result that I would like the whole 
planet (never mind which one, actually) to watch it. My crew members are handsome, funny, professional and great. I will upload it on 
Youtube tonight, after we send all our reports. It should be online tomorrow morning if we are lucky. It lasts 38 minutes and it will be 
great souvenirs for us all.
I went on EVA this afternoon but I couldn’t film anything because I was part of both of the experiments. I’m sorry, there will be no 
picture report today… 
I am very late with my Martian tutorials on Youtube so I want to film several ones – that’s my expectation for tomorrow. 
Tiffany wrote today’s blog entry and Lucie translated it in French – both helped me a lot to finish the video editing. I will ask tonight 
if Nuno, Louise, or Duarte wants to write tomorrow’s one. I hope so : Tiffany’s point of view is so interesting…