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Journalist Report
Florence Porcel

I started to upload the documentary I made for our first week on Youtube yesterday but unfortunately when we woke up this 
morning, only 33 % were uploaded, so I decided to give up and I will upload it when I’m back in France. I am so sorry I can’t send it to 
you right now.
This was another busy day for me in the hab, writing my article for L’Union, filming our activities and making videos for Youtube. 
I don’t remember if I told you the idea : it’s a serie of tutorials named « Comment ça Mars ? » (the real question in French is « 
Comment ça marche ? ») and I explain many things about the life in the hab. I already made « How to take a shower on Mars », « How 
to send a report to Earth », and today I made « How to send a tweet from Mars », co-starring Duarte. 
It seems like fun but actually this is lots of work : I need to write the video, then I decide how to film the scenes, the shooting takes 
time especially when the hab makes noise suddenly, then I have to edit it. For the video I made today which lasts a bit more than 3 
minutes, I had to work about 5/6 hours before it is ready to upload on Youtube. Of course I love this job, especially in this desert 
with such an amazing landscape, but this is much work ! 
So I didn’t go on EVA today but I could film the team that was out when they came back. It will be in the second part of the 
documentary about our mission here.