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Commander Report
Lucie Poulet

1 – Base emergency scenario procedure testing
2 – EVA of the day
3 – Grow tent mounting
4 – Other

The end of the mission can be felt, we are already talking about the handover of Saturday and 
the life “back on Earth”.

1 – Base emergency scenario procedure testing
As mentionned yesterday, our emergency tests can now happen at any time of the day or night. 
The whole afternoon we could feel the electricity in the air, everyone wondering when the 
emrgency would happen. And finally it happened at 18:45 and it was a fire level 1, which got 
solved in a bit over 4 minutes. We have two more emergencies to go until the end of sim 
tomorrow night and these can happen at any time.

2 – EVA of the day
Today's EVA was a walking EVA and started again at 9am. The crew went to road junctions and 
performed two runs of Tiffany's coms/loss of coms experiment and two runs of Nuno's PED study. 
Our crew journalist Florence took advantage of this EVA to take great footages and images of 
the crew's experiments. We also did photos for PR purposes at the end of the EVA, right before 
doing the engineering check. Tiffany and myself were wearing cloth on our suits for her dust 
study and this was the last run of this study.

3 – Grow tent mounting
Our crew engineer Duarte and our crew scientist Nuno completed the assembly of the grow tent 
following Nick Orenstein's instructions. The fan, filter, automatic extinguisher, and exhaust 
ducts are now in place. Nick will advice tonight on where and how to hang the LED grow lamp.

4 – Other
This morning we woke up with “My home is my heart” by Jon Henrik Fjällgren, choice of Louise. 
Tonight we will have quiche for dinner, treat of Tiffany! And a swedish chocolate cake for 
dessert, treat of Louise and Nuno.