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Commander Report
Lucie Poulet

1 – Base emergency scenario procedure testing
2 – Sunrise EVA
3 – Cleaning of the hab and preparing handover
4 – Other

Last day on Mars in sim! Tonight at midnight we will officially be back on Earth. Not everybody 
is happy to  have to leave our dear red planet!

1 – Base emergency scenario procedure testing
Tiffany, our moderator since Wednesday, woke us up at 2:24am yelling “Loss of pressure!”. We 
all went out of our room only half awake and followed the procedure for a depressurization. It 
was a level 3 so we should have evacuated the base but since this happenned in the middle of 
the night we stopped the simulation at the beginning of the depressurization. It was noticeable 
that we were slower than during the day emergency testing but we still managed to have the 
airlock sealed at 7min10s and depressurization starting at 8 min.
And this afternoon at 5:04pm, Tiffany surprised us with a depressurization level 1! No 
evacuation this time because the hole was located at 1min26s and repaired at 3min30s.
For these last four emergency procedures testing, each crew member kept the same role and it 
was noted that everyone was much more efficient with a specific role assigned. The outcome is 
in any case very positive and the procedures are a very good first draft for further 

2 – Sunrise EVA
This morning Nuno, Louise, Duarte and I went on a last EVA: we climbed the hill behind the hab 
around 7:45 am and watched the sunrise while doing movies and pictures for public outreach 
purposes and for our sponsors. It was breath taking! And also very cold.

3 – Cleaning of the hab and preparing handover
The rest of the day was organized around cleaning activities and preparing the handover of 
tomorrow. Each of us also closed and packed their experiments and gathered the data collected 
during the mission. I wrote and sent the summary report of the mission.

4 – Other
This morning for breakfast Tiffany had prepared oatmeal and treated us with “Comfort” by Deb