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Engineering Report
Duarte Sousa

Diesel – 48%

Propane –18%

Gasoline (2x5 Gal for ATV) –  60%

Water (trailer) – 80cm from the top

Water (static) – 50cm from the top

Trailer to Static Pump used - no

Water (loft) – gallons 55

Static to Loft Pump used - yes

No ATV's used today

Summary of Engineering activities: Engineering check, change of static tank extension configuration

Questions and Concerns to Mission Support:

The static tank extension is now installed hanging from above. The plastic wrap will be applied tomorrow when we won't be in SIM because it will be an easier and safer operation. Please check the picture attached and give me your opinion. I used ty-raps in order to fix the cable.

I will make the final engineering report tomorrow because we will use the ATV's tomorrow morning and also some water for showers and cleaning this evening and tomorrow morning. This way I ill give a more accurate report.

I will also do an handover tomorrow to the next crew engineer.

Best regards,