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Journalist Report
Florence Porcel

Nuno, Duarte, Lucie and Louise woke up early this morning, even though we had an emergency procedure in the middle of the night, 
for a last EVA. The aim was to watch the sunrise above the station. I gave them my camera so that they could film and they came 
back with awesome pictures. 
This was a weird day : we are still in simulation but we spent hours cleaning and packing already. I managed to make a fifth « 
Comment ça Mars ? » with the whole crew : how to learn different languages on Mars. 
I am still working on the second part of my documentary about the mission and I am looking forward to finishing it so that I can 
show it to anyone interested. 
I learned on space.com today that Crew 149 was composed by 6 Mars One applicants and 1 Mars One advisor ! This is so funny : I am 
a Mars One applicant too. 
The desert gave us wonderful skies throughout the day and I am very sad to leave it already. I don’t want to come back in Paris, it will 
be very hard on Sunday morning. I have fallen in love with this place…