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Commander Report
Lucie Poulet

1 – Arrival of crew 149
2 – General training
3 – Specific training
4 – Other 

First day back on Earth! We are happy to welcome crew 149!

1 – Arrival of crew 149
Crew 149 arrived earlier than expected, around 12:30. They signed their paperwork right away 
and we will put them in the mailbox tomorrow upon leaving.
While we were having lunch and finishing some of the out-of-sim cleaning (e.g. Outside), they 
started installing their replacement GreenHab. We then helped them mount the structure and it 
is now partially mounted. They will finish it tomorrow before getting in sim.

2 – General training
Our crew engineer Duarte trained half of the crew on ATVs while our crew XO and HSO Tiffany 
trained the other half on suits, backpacks and helmets.
Our crew scientist Nuno then had them go through Hal and created an account for each of them.

3 – Specific training
Each crew member of our crew then took one or two crew members of crew 149 with them to tell 
them about their roles: XO, engineer, HSO, journalist, astronomer, scientist, Greenhab officer, 
and commander.  Each of us showed them how to write and submit their report.

4 – Other
Louise and Duarte cooked some delicious Mexican lasagnas and Tiffany prepared some wonderful 
desserts of chocolate and butterscotch pudding!

The whole crew wants to thank MDRS and the Mars Society for giving us the opportunity to live 
this adventure together and for supporting us for two weeks.