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HSO report - Tuesday 10th Feb

By Elena Miscodan


Crew member Gerardi woke up with sore throat. Vital parameters in normal range (O2 99%, pulse 82, Blood pressure 138/82 mmHg, body temperature 36,4°C). Lungs auscultation normal. Inspection of the throat showed redness and swelling of the tonsils.

Available medication to treat the tonsillitis was given to PAO Gerardi. By 1800 hours her general status was visibly better.

Crew member Schreurs developed a local mild skin infection of the belly button after removing a piercing. Local antibiotic (bacitracin) was available and after disinfection via H2O2 a sterile dressing with antibiotic cream was made. Objectively better by 1800 hours.

A complete inventory of the medical supplies was made. There are 2 Stifnecks and a Splint that are obviously damaged and not usable. We recommend that at least a splint is to be made available for emergencies. 1 good Stifneck is available.