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EVA Report 


Kellie Gerardi


Personnel: Bakken (EVA lead), Gerardi, Naganuma, Schreurs, Miscodan 

Media: ABC Nightline



1. Revisiting of lichen colonies for collection and sampling with biology team

2. Assessment of what we are calling “Sentinel Hill” – (large hill to SE of Hab)


Departure time: 9:20a

Return time Group 1: 11:20a (Miscodan, Schreurs) 

Return time Group 2: 11:35a (Bakken, Gerardi, Naganuma) 

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes


Route: EVA crew 149-5 took the Rovers and proceeded to the area we call “The Notch” – (the narrow gap the road winds through near the southern ridge). We visited a small lichen site off the road and then proceeded back to the Hab to park the Rovers. From there, EVA crew 149-5 proceeded to the ridge in front of Sentinel Hill. We collected lichen samples from live colonies with the biology team. After a short while, crew member Schreur’s helmet proceeded to fog to a point of low visability. Crew member Miscodan escorted her back to the airlock while crewmembers Bakken, Gerardi, and Naganuma continued on towards Sentinel Hill. Once at the base, Commander Bakken climbed 50 yards ahead to scout the most approachable path to the top. Once satisfied with the incline of the left side, Commander Bakken led the crew back to the airlock. We will approach the summit of Sentinel Hill on a future EVA to test comms. 



1. Depart from Hab. Rover to The Notch, approximately UTM 12S 518240E 4249255N

2. Return rovers to Hab. 12S 518169E 4250940N

3. Proceed on foot to UTM 12S 0518586E 4250502N. Multiple samples of lichen colonies.

4. Crewmembers Schreurs and Miscodan proceeded to and returned to Hab.

5. Crewmembers Bakken, Gerardi, Naganuma continued to UTM 12S 519065E 4249540N

6. Proceeded to and returned to Hab, completing EVA 149-5. 



Successful EVA. Despite difficulties with one helmet, the crew accomplished all tasks and ABC Nightline had wonderful filming opportunities.