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EVA Plan Report
Paul Bakken

Personnel: Bakken (EVA lead), Nicoletatos, Gerardi 

1. Initial scouting of area near Hab for geological resource survey project
2. Test of aerial camera

Planned departure time: 09:00 hours

Planned duration: 3 hours

Route:  EVA crew will walk a circle route approximate 1 km in radius around the Hab.  Crew will go rogue along the route as needed to document sites of interest for more detailed investigation later.

1. Depart from Hab
2. Proceed to UTM 12s 518240e 4249255n (south side of circle, along road)
3. Proceed to UTM 12s 519065e 4249540n (south-east side of circle)
4. Proceed to UTM 12s 519460e 4250440n (east side of circle)
5. Proceed to UTM 12s 519220e 4251210n (north-east side of circle, near road)
6. Proceed to UTM 12s 518260e 4251640n (north side of circle)
7. Proceed to UTM 12s 517505e 4251360n (north-west side of circle)
8. Proceed to UTM 12s 517110e 4250435n (west side of circle)
9. Proceed to UTM 12s 517390e 4249635n (south-west side of circle)
10. Proceed to Hab, perform first stage classification of samples with trommel
11. Re-enter Hab

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Bakken
Commander, MDRS Crew 149