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EVA 149-8
Paul Bakken
Personnel: Bakken (EVA lead), Sullivan, Naganuma, Schreurs, Miscodan
1. Tear down and stow trapezium.
2. Set up and test small emergency shelter dome.
Departure time: 09:06
Return time: 11:26
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes
Route: EVA crew 149-8 remained within 50 m of the Hab.
1. Departed from Hab.
2. Conducted construction activities in the clearing to the South of the Hab.
3. Returned to Hab.                
Successful EVA.
Tear down of Trapezium proceeded smoothly. Data collected on sub-component disassembly times.
Erection of small dome also went smoothly. Once the crew learned to work on only one vertex at a time, to avoid jostling each other’s work, the sub-component assembly time improved considerably.
We did not have time to investigate the compression fittings, but will do so during a future EVA.