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Commander’s Report


Paul Bakken


1 – Cross crew support

2 – BBC visit

3 – Ozone machine trial #3

4 – Food test at lunch

5 – Plan for tomorrow


Greetings Mission Support!


1 – We continue to support the two projects still in the Hab that were initiated by previous crews. When we receive instructions, we will harvest and measure Cyprien’s experimental crops.


2 – The majority of our day was spent accommodating a visit by a temporary crew member, Karl Pilkington. We trained Mr. Pilkington on Hab systems, protocol, and maintenance. Mr. Pilkington also participated in the day’s key EVA to the summit of what our crew calls “Sentinel Hill” to test comms signals. (More details in EVA 149-10 report.) In all, this was a very successful visit, and we enjoyed his company.


3 – We conducted the third and likely final test of the ozone laundering system. Our temporary crew member was pleasantly surprised at how effective the device was, in comparison to the control method of just airing out, at mitigating the odor of a pair of particularly horrid socks. Out of respect for my crew, I will not identify the donor of the study socks.


4 – At lunch, we tested the palatability of US military MREs. Generally speaking, the crew opined that they are “not bad,” which is pretty good for food that is designed to survive and remain stable in sub-zero temperatures, jungle heat, and air drops from 10,000+ feet.


5 – We have a follow up Geological resource survey EVA scheduled for tomorrow. We may elect to delay this EVA until the following day, depending on how rested the crew feels in the morning. Crew 149 has begun to shift gears already – we are packing up projects that have been completed, and are winding up the remainder of our studies.


It was a satisfying day here in the Tharsis Quadrangle. Our time here is growing short, so we have re-doubled our efforts to squeeze the most out of each remaining day.


Respectfully submitted,


Paul Bakken                         

Commander, MDRS Crew 149