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EVA 149-10



Personnel: Bakken (EVA lead), Naganuma, Nicoletatos, Gerardi, Schreurs, Pilkington (temporary crew member)



1. Mount expedition to the crest of Sentinel Hill.

2. Test cell signals at peak.


Departure time: 11:30 hours.


Duration: 02:00 hours.


Route: EVA 149-10 crew departed the Hab and walked straight to the base of Sentinel Hill. After a rest period, the crew climbed the hill. After summiting the hill, crew surveyed the strength of cell signals at the peak. The hypothesis that Sentinel Hill is blocking cell signals from the Hanksville area towers was proven to be correct. Normal signals on crew devices at the Hab ranged between 0-1 bars. At the crest of Sentinel Hill, signals were a solid 3 bars of 3G quality service.




1. Depart Hab.

2. Proceed to Sentinel Hill at approximately UTM 12S 0519065E 4249540N.

3. Return to Hab.


EVA was a success. Excellent interaction with our temp crew member, and the working hypothesis regarding cell signals in the area of the Hab was proven to be correct.