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Kellie Gerardi


Journalist Report

Today we had a visit from Karl Pilkington, of “An Idiot Abroad” fame. We were extremely happy to host him, and we had a chance to show him around the Hab and take him on an EVA. Five of us ventured up to Sentinel Hill (our name for the giant hill nearby the Hab to the Southeast) to test our hypothesis on degraded comms. We guessed that our lack of signal was due to the large rock blocking a cell tower, and today’s EVA confirmed that theory. We had full 3G signal on top of the hill.

For the rest of the day, we analyzed samples in the lab, tested the ozone laundering device, and ate MRE packs for lunch (Meals Ready to Eat), like the ones used in the military. We cooked pancakes for dinner in honor of National Pancake Day and we’re unwinding early. We’re all pretty exhausted.

Tomorrow should be a relaxing day, catching up on all of our projects inside the Hab.