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Commander’s Report


Paul Bakken

1 – Final clean up

2 – Transfer of command to Crew 150

3 – Crew 149 sign off

Greetings Mission Support!

Just a brief report today, due to the transition activities.

1 – Crew 149 completed all of the preparation for transition to Crew 150. In addition to cleaning the Hab from top to bottom, we policed the area around the Hab to dispose of wind-blown trash and other debris. As much of our baggage that could be packed ahead of time is waiting in the engineering airlock to be transferred into the ERV. Each crew member is ready to brief our counterparts from Crew 150 on typical crew position specific duties.

2 – As of the drafting of this report, Crew 150 had not yet appeared at the MDRS. Once they arrive, we will make certain that they receive general briefings on ATV use, Hab safety, EVA suit use and maintenance, and general systems operation in the Hab. We will also give them individual, one-to-one briefings from their position specific counterparts on our crew. Finally, we will make certain that their administrative paperwork is filled out, and we will post it in the mail once we leave the site.

3 – It has been a rewarding and productive two weeks on Mars for Crew 149. Our thanks to the Mars Society, MDRS staff, Mission Support, and all of the other volunteers who made our time at this facility possible. Crew 149 leaves the MDRS pleased with our accomplishments, and enthusiastic about might be done “next time.”

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. Crew 149, signing off!

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Bakken

Commander, MDRS Crew 149