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MDRS Crew 149 Green Hab report – FINAL REPORT


Saturday 21th


MDRS crew 142/148/149 cyanobacteria to fertilize Martian soil


The radish experiment has been going well as we’ve been watering them with the control media/soil and the cyanobacteria equivalent.

We do think however that the experiment should be terminated as many of the plants are dying. We’re waiting to hear back from crew 142’s Cyrpien for the termination. The next crew (150) will need to send the plants back to Cyprien Verseux at NASA ARC to weight them, quantify and maybe sample them. (Adress: Cyprien Verseux/ Lynn Rothschild, Building 239, room 371, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000). cyprien.verseux@gmail.com

The little bags are ready for the plants to be shipped.

PROTOCOL to dry plants 24h at 70 degree Celsius.


MDRS crew 149 Forced plant study


Our plant study went very well, we saw a clear difference between the control soil and regolith, and our plants (Sorghum and Hops) grew in the regolith soil very well.

Furthermore the plants affected the soil quality as shown below.

Below and attached are the raw data, and we will provide a more thorough analysis in the next few days, and plan to write it up for conferences and papers.

We please require the next crew (150) to water our plants as written in the protocol, and to take weekly measurements of the number of sprouts and length, as well as pictures. Send them to ann-sofie.schreurs@nasa.gov and Pamela_n@live.com 

At the end of their rotation, we would also like the soil to be tested (following the kit’s instructions) for the plants EVA and WALL-E



MDRS crew 148/149/150 green hab/plants crew (time in min)


Here is our final data set, and we request the next crew to continue this and provide it in the MDRS green hab report and keep in touch with crew 148 Cmdr Lucie Poulet (luciepoulet@yahoo.fr )