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Mission Statement

MDRS Crew 149 Mission Statement

We are a crew of seven diverse, multicultural, and multidisciplinary individuals who are dedicated to supporting the exploration and colonization of Mars.  Our underlying motives for participating in a two-week crew rotation at the MDRS are twofold:

First, to demonstrate that a group of ordinary people are capable of rising to meet the challenges presented by a Martian analogue simulation, and;

Second, to make a contribution to the growing body of knowledge that will one day make it possible to establish a permanent human presence on Mars.

Crew 149 Mission Commitment

During our stay at the MDRS, Crew 149 is fully committed to:

·       Following the priority guidelines of Safety, Sim, Science, and Sundry

·       Adhering to Sim conditions

·       Completing our work plan of research projects and other activities

·       Communicating effectively with CapCOM and other MDRS staff

·       Complying with all MDRS rules and restrictions, as well as daily direction from MDRS staff

·       Maintaining public outreach to promote the work of the Mars Society and MDRS

Crew 149 Mission Work Plan

Crew 149 will work on the following projects:

·       EVA construction materials and techniques

·       Ozone laundering system

·       Geological survey for construction grade materials and suitable building sites

·       Public relations and media outreach

·       Low altitude, ballistic launched aerial imaging

·       Regolith plant growth study

·       Additive manufacturing

·       Evaluation of candidate foods for transitional/emergency use

·       Simulated random emergencies and response

·       Lichen and microorganism study

·       Field test of airlock SCADA system

·       Informal evaluation of EVA suit alternatives

·       Support of Crew 148’s GreenHab-related data collection project

Crew 149 will also perform any repair or construction projects that are directed by MDRS staff.

Respectfully submitted,


Paul Bakken

Commander, MDRS Crew 149